Murphy’s Music

A local music store required a completely new website designed to bring more attention to guitars, basses, amps, and effects pedals for sale. The original website was constructed and hosted using Squarespace which limited the shops' ability to perform certain industry-specific functions. The store also needed to create an online instrument rental program for students that was capable of charging a $20 one-time setup fee and recurring monthly rental charges beginning on the 5th of each month while prorating the initial sale based upon the time of the month the order was placed.
As a solution, we created a new WordPress website using Woocommerce and the Avada builder to represent the look and feel of the stores' new branding and marketing direction. We utilized our design and technical skills to create a new online rental form with a customized onboarding flow and recurring payments capabilities to streamline operations. The final piece of our solution was the development of a reverse-flow integration between the website and a customized sales integration platform enabling the shop manager to list new products directly on an outside sales platform and automatically synch with Woocommerces' back-end product listing and inventory management.
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