How It Works

1. Choose a template

Start by browsing through our pre-made website templates and choose one that works best for you. If there are other web sites you’d like to emulate, we can start there too. Just tell your Site Customizer what you like and don’t like, and they’ll put a preview site together for you to check out.

2. Upload images & content

We will invite you to a shared folder via dropbox. You can also let us know about any styling preferences you have for your site such as colors, font style, etc over email, phone, and/or chat. You supply the text and images of your business, and your Site Customizer will tailor-make your site.

3. Approve your site for publication

Once you’re satisfied with your preview site, your
Site Customizer will publish it at your domain.

tunedup media website builder select a template

The best part is customization is FREE. That means everything described above plus Hosting, SSL Security, and Email are included with your subscription.