The Guitar Shop iOS App

As guitar nerds and music lovers ourselves, we were introduced to the owner of a local guitar shop back in 2014 that had recently opened a new retail location. The gentleman was interested in getting some feedback about the new store and ask us for any recommendations we may have to help make the shop really stand out as well as drive more business.

We started looking through the store and asked the staff how they were currently making sales as well as how they had planned on bringing in new business from outside the local area. After our initial evaluation, it was evident that the shop hadn't ever really thought about doing any business outside of their local.

So we suggested that if they had an app where people from all over the world could experience the feeling of being in the store and able to ask the staff questions and buy instruments directly from their phones that this may have a huge impact on sales and secure their brand amongst the competition.

After meeting with them once more, it was decided that we would create an eCommerce driven iOS application along with a  beautiful website to promote the new shopping app. The application we designed and developed for them has now become the shops primary sales channel and is known to be among the very 1st of its kind to ever be published onto the iOS App Store.

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